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Exact Progression's Version 7.6 Shop Floor Control (SFC) is a comprehensive and powerful tool for controlling and effectively executing manufacturing production plans - including the workers, materials, machines and time utilized in production. Its unique features interface with a number of Exact Progression's other manufacturing software modules.

Exact Progression's SFC allows you to quickly and efficiently create shop orders and control all aspects of the order without entering a lot of unnecessary data. It provides you the added flexibility to keep on top of internal or customer-driven changes, including changes to quantity and dates, even after release.

With SFC, jobs can be used to group multiple shop orders, or if you do not require grouping, it can be easily configured to create jobs when Shop Orders are created.

For manufacturers producing a number of products both in stocking and customer environments, Progression's Inventory Management (I/M), Bill of Material (BOM) and Standard Product Routing (SPR) modules will speed the creation of shop orders

Exact Progression's SFC is one of the most powerful tools available to execute your
manufacturing production plans.

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