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Today, it is critical to manage your customers' activity and credit to ensure high customer service levels and maximize cash flow. You can achieve the highest level of performance by installing the Progression Series Accounts Receivable (A/R) package from Macola.

A/R maintains vital credit information that provides you with detailed payment information like average days to pay, and full account history.

A/R tracks both open item and balance forward customers and produces monthly statements. You can also generate Customer Aging Reports using up to four user-defined aging periods. It records customer invoices or sales transactions and, for the service sector, A/R produces service invoices.

And, A/R handles multiple bank accounts and can easily apply payments to open items.

Take your accounts receivable beyond cash flow management. Manage, calculate, and collect your company's receivables with the utmost in financial accountability with Exact Progression's Progression Series A/R.

The Customer File enables you to maintain default information to streamline your invoices and order entry process.

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