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The ability to deliver the right product to the right place at the right time is the core of your business. Inventory is one of the largest investments a company makes. Ensuring that you have enough of the right product in stock, while avoiding stockouts and overstocks is a daily challenge. You are responsible for reducing investment in inventory and increasing inventory turns. Accomplish this with Exact Progression's Inventory Management (I/M) module.

I/M provides you with the tools to effectively manage and analyze your inventory. Sales and cost analysis, ABC analysis, obsolete inventory tracking, physical and cycle count features with trend accuracy analysis are just a few of the features that will enable you to maximize inventory turns while eliminating shortages and excess inventory investment.

Flexible Kit Building

If your company assembles and distributes products from components, Progression's I/M can accommodate those needs. The Kit File Maintenance application within I/M gives you some of the advantages of a Bill of Material package without the expense or complexity.

Production orders can be viewed and rescheduled in a graphical user interface.

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