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With the rapid growth of global opportunities, Exact Progression's Currency manager (C/M) module can provide your business with the ability to easily do business in multiple currencies.

Fully Integrated

Whether you are tracking purchases or sales, Progression's Currency Manager interfaces with the Progression General Ledger (G/L), Accounts Receivable (A/R), Accounts Payable (A/P), and and Bank Book (B/B) packages to provide our with the exchange rate information you need to keep you on top of your international operations.

Unlimited Currency Codes

A currency Code is a 3-character code that signifies which currency code is being used. With Exact Progression's C/M module you can have an unlimited number of currency codes when processing your business transactions. When entering each currency code you also enter the gain/loss accounts for cash, A/R and A/P. Those accounts will then be used whenever a transaction is entered for that particular currency code.

Flexible Transactions

C/M is a flexible and robust solution to processing transactions internationally with complete accuracy. The transactions recorded in Accounts Receivable (A/R) and Accounts Payable (A/P) will be recorded in their native currency, i.e. the currency of the country in which the vendor or customer is located.

Currency Manager provides Gain/Loss accounts for A/R, A/P and cash for each currency to make your analysis more precise.

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