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System Overview


In choosing the right software solution for your company, you're faced with many important choices. To find the best solution for your company, the following issues must be seriously considered;

Does the software meet company needs today and in the future?
Does it integrate with other business applications?
Does it support industry-standard technologies?
Is the software internationally enabled?
Is it flexible to accommodate demands of day-to-day business?
Is it intuitive to use?
Will it increase productivity?
Is it a stable, proven product?
How many companies are using this software?

Finding answers to these important questions is essential to finding the right solution for your company.

Productive and Easy To Use

The Progression Explorer interface gives you one convenient location from which you can access your Exact Progression applications. It is based on the folder and tree structure found in the Windows Explorer, giving users a familiar user interface, and helping to keep training on Progression 7.7 to a minimum. Progression Explorer also has a place for commonly used applications, the Exact Progression WorkSpace, so you don't have to repeatedly search through various trees or folders to find the applications you use most.

32-bit Enterprise Applications

A 32-bit Windows-based product, the Progression Series exploits all the robust feature sets found in the most popular operating systems available, Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT. Progression also uses the advanced memory management options native to 32-bit operating systems. Desktop Integration Progression V7.7 includes support for DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) allowing Progression to share information with a variety of other business applications, including the Microsoft Office suite of products. The Exact Progression solution also offers you a choice of industry-leading reporting tools such as Crystal Reports, F9, and FRx, giving you up-to-the-minute access to the data you need to run your company.

Scalable to Meet Your Changing Needs

With its fully customizable interface, screens, reports and forms combined with its multi-national capabilities, Progression adapts to your business practices and helps you maximize efficiency and productivity. Exact Progression's Version 7.7 Progression Series gives you the enterprise-wide features and functionality you need to manage your company well into the next century!

The Progression Explorer Interface is based on the folder and tree structure found in the Windows Explorer.

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