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 Maintaining your company in good standing with your vendors is critical in ensuring the continued flow of raw materials, supplies, and services into your company. Ensure there are no disruptions to this critical function, while effectively managing your cash flow with the Progression Series Accounts Payable (A/P) package.

You'll save time and more efficiently manage vendor relationships with this comprehensive package. You can track new payables, credit memos, prepaid expenses, cancellations, and adjustments in A/P.

A/P enables you to save your company money. A Pre-Check Writing Report ensures that you are aware of and can take advantage of early discounts.

Vendor and account information can be displayed on-screen with the click of a button, and Vendor Performance information is just a report away. But what does all of this mean to you?It means that your company doesn't have to miss taking discounts; that you can track and manage vendors with poor performance; that bills which occur on a recurring basis (such as rent, electricity, etc.) can be handled easily; and that check printing problems can be reduced to a minimum.All in all, it means that your Accounts Payable functions just got easier with V7.6 Progression Series A/P!

Streamlined analysis of vendor performance by
storing all pertinent data in one easy accessible location.

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