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Distribution : Bill of Material


A strong bill of material processor can help manage and analyze the components and products your company produces. Progressions' Bill of Material (BOM) module gives you those features. Plus, BOM is extremely flexible, incorporating powerful visual tools that integrate with Shop Floor Control (SFC) and Production Order Processing (POP) modules.

Product Structure File Maintenance

BOM's Product Structure File Maintenance establishes the link between a single inventory item and the components that comprise the finished good. BOM's Product Structure File offers you some distinct benefits, like Reference Designators. Each component includes a Reference Designator which allows you to detail exactly what it does and where it can be found. You also have the option to print Reference Designators on BOM's Indented Report or on production work orders. Plus, you can choose to display Reference Designators in the view function to quickly access information for further reporting power.

Powerful Visual Bill Builder

The Visual Bill Builder is a powerful tool that enables you to create, modify, delete, and manage your product structures in a visual environment using powerful drag and drop technology. You can view your Bills of Material in a number of different formats.

The Visual Bill Builder is a powerful tool that enables you to manage your product structures in a visual environment.

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