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The Finite Capacity Scheduler (FCS) is a powerful scheduling tool that can help dramatically improve the quality of your detail shop schedules. Manufacturing planning and execution are optimized in order to provide the highest throughput through your factory while minimizing inventory investment and manufacturing lead-times. FCS increases your confidence level of delivering as promised by assuring a quality executable schedule that is updated dynamically as conditions change.

Quality Scheduling and Planning

The Finite Capacity Scheduler facilitates quality schedules by developing a plan that is based on real-time shop floor conditions. For example, if a machine is brought down for maintenance, schedules are updated to reflect this loss of capacity. As operational lead-times and queues of work are changing, schedules can be updated automatically. Under the occasions when it is required to expedite an order, the schedule impact on other orders can be automatically brought to screen or printed so that you can review the impact. By creating schedules that are both optimized and realistic, your manufacturing planning process provides the foundation for manufacturing performance that creates substantial competitive advantages.

The Finite Capacity Scheduler uses a visual interface that makes interpreting and interacting with complex schedules easy to manage.

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