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With Exact Progression's V7.6 Payroll (PR), processing just became easier...faster...and more flexible. PR was designed with a strong focus on ease and accessibility of information and places a wealth of information at your fingertips.Because of PR's flexible architecture, time entry is much easier and quicker. The number of keystrokes is greatly reduced…as is the risk of keystroke error.PR recognizes the need to submit various Federal and State reports on an annual basis and others on a quarterly basis, so both reporting capabilities are built-in. You also gain the capability to clear either Quarter-to-Date or Year-to-Date figures independent of each other. Flexible Earnings and Deductions PR's design was based on your input. We met accounting and payroll managers' needs by developing a system that could accommodate:

  • Multiple rates of pay in a single pay period
  • Piece rates
  • Production bonuses
  • Fair Labor Standards Act compliance for over-time calculation

Operational features

  • Direct deposit
  • Deduction rates are designed in "table format"
  • Priority Codes can be established for each deduction
  • Three ways to automate the time entry process

Analysis Features

  • Earnings Codes are accumulated by both dollars and hours
  • Time-off tracking will maintain information for vacation pay, sick pay and other paid time off
  • Tight integration with Exact Progression's Bank Book (B/B) module

Payroll provides up-to-date information saving you time and money!

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