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The procurement function is critical to ensure the necessary materials, supplies, and services are available when required. Maintaining strong vendor relationships, negotiating for favorable pricing, and analyzing vendor performance can make the procurement function a profit center in your business. By implementing Progression's Purchase Order & Receiving module (P/O), you get an efficient, time-saving tool for automating your procurement functions.

P/O enables you to analyze the quality, accuracy, and timely delivery of all purchased materials. P/O's capabilities make it a must within both the manufacturing and distribution environments. It predicts cash requirements, monitors vendor performance, and allows you to keep inventory levels low while alerting you to material shortages. And when you combine P/O with Progression's Accounts Payable (A/P) and Inventory Management (I/M) packages, you have a comprehensive system that optimizes timely purchases with the dynamics of inventory control.

New to Exact Progression's V7.6 Purchase Order and Receiving package is the Landed Costs System. This function supports companies dealing with international vendors and others who require comprehensive inventory costing along with all landed costs. The Landed Cost capability enables you to calculate all costs normally associated with purchasing and receiving and any additional costs of the product, such as freight, import duties, customs, and brokerage fees to be included in an item's valuation (cost).

The Item/Vendor file assists users during purchase order entry by providing helpful prompts

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