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EXACT Macola Progresson Software

Manufacturing : Master Scheduling


Master Scheduling (M/S) makes a statement of what the company expects to manufacture. It reflects the overall, long-term production plans, taking into account the company's sales forecast, material availability and plant capacity. Exact Progression's Master Scheduling allows you to closely manage the critical few indicators which, in turn, drive the material and production plan of your remaining items.

Available to Promise Inquiry

Exact Progression's Available to Promise Inquiry is one of the most advanced and comprehensive systems available. It provides on-line and current Available To Promise (ATP) information for individual inventory items and is a powerful tool to aid order processing, sales personnel and production planning. It virtually eliminates manually reviewing the master schedule required by other systems.

Included in Distribution M/S ATP allows Computer Planned Orders, Firm Planned Orders, Shop Floor Orders and Forecast Orders to be included.

Exact Progression's ATP Inquiry provides on-line information for inventory items as an aid to order process and/or sales personnel.

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