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What makes Exact Progression's streamlined manufacturing solution special is the different ways it can be used to support your operations and the different sized companies it can accommodate.

For very small companies and those running with minimal staff, the entire process of taking a sales order, creating multiple levels of dependent production orders, and recording multi-level completions can be accomplished in only three transactions. Yet, the system can also be used by much larger firms with discrete responsibilities in customer service, materials management, production planning and control. And it is parameter driven to allow tailoring of the system to fit your unique environment.

The key is that Production Order Processing is a flexible manufacturing planning and execution system that supports multiple business environments, company sizes, and types of industry.

Seamless Integration with Other Modules

Exact Progression's streamlined manufacturing solution integrates your production needs by allowing you to pull a production order from Order Entry (O/E), copy one from Material Requirements Planning (MRP) or enter one manually. If you are not using MRP, you can manually create orders, or consolidate O/E orders using an order advice file that calculates the demand of a manufactured item over a user-defined set of periods. Lower level manufacturing orders can also be created for dependent material using item settings. With POP, you can tie Production to Customer Demand, Inventory Transactions, and General Ledger (G/L) Accounting Entries for inquiry and reporting purposes.

Production orders can be viewed and rescheduled in a graphical user interface.

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